Why this game is a Reel Gem of an Online Slot!

If you are a more venerable online slot player who is seeking a new challenge then as the name suggests, this new slot from Microgaming is a ‘Reel Gem’!

The Reel Gem video slot is one of the new no payline video slots, which offers the user up to 243 chances on every single spin of the reels to win big money, with a base game jackpot of up to 40,000 coins and the chance to triple winnings on the Free Spin sub-game of up to 120,000 coins!

The theme of the slot is the world of precious jewels and gems and these precious minerals are vividly brought to life on screen. As expected, Diamonds offer the user the best chance to win big, with diamonds on reels three four or five activating 15 retriggering free spins and access to the triple-your-cash bonus game.

Alongside diamonds, other precious stones to feature include verdant emeralds, bright red rubies, deep blue sapphires and the amber glow of opals.

Another innovative feature of the game is the ‘respin’ feature. At the end of each spin a player can make an additional bet and select individual reels to spin once again, with the aim of improving the amount of coins they won on their original spin.

With other features on each reel including wild symbols to increase your chances of a winning combination, scatter symbols and a free spin trigger symbol, there’s plenty to keep even the most experienced slot machine player entertained for many hours.

As slot games go, the Reel Gem slot is a jewel in the crown!