Loose Cannon – The biggest Pirate Battle of them all!

Get ready to be shot out of your comfort zone with this enticing new 5-reel slots game. With its cartoony graphics and realistic sound effects, players are sure to have a whale of a time pitting their skills against pirates and pretty lasses in a quest to get hidden treasure.

What’s better than a good old American Hybrid Style slots game with no distractions like complicated combinations and such? Play it fast and furious with nothing to disrupt your “piratey” passage over the briney deep. Take advantage of

Get a warship on the third reel and set off an explosive reaction that starts turning everything around it Wild. 15 symbols can all go Wild if you’re lucky, and you can walk away with the booty of a true pirate.

Scatter wins are fantastic because once the Compass symbols land on the first, third and fifth reels, there’s no stopping the doubloons from falling right into your lap. Take home a bagful of free spins with the Scatter bonus, but keep your eye on the reels to enjoy winning over and over again without making a single bet.

Believe it or not, there are 243 ways to win a spin, so there’s not much chance that you’ll walk away from this game feeling like you got plundered by pirates! The simple, easy-to-use gameplay is neatly laced with rapid fire excitement that is typical of a pirate attack when you are at sea – days of calm and then frenzied activity all of a sudden. The cool pirate theme is best viewed in a 16:9  aspect ratio, which is the best of wide screen rendered for your pure entertainment pleasure.

Once you find your sea legs in this game, you’ll never think of going back to staid, boring slots games that don’t provide a quality experience.

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