Jurassic Park

Online casinos now offer a lot of thrilling slot games, and movie-based video slots are taking the center stage, with the likes of The Dark Knight Rises from Microgaming being released. The HBO hit series Game of Thrones is also slated to have its own online casino slot game soon. Before that, however, let’s talk about another Micrograming release: the Jurassic Park™ online slot game. Based on the Steven Spielberg movie franchise, this game features a 3D-enhanced jungle environment featuring highly realistic dinosaurs and characters from the movie, a straightforward gameplay, and generous bonuses.

Look and Feel

The movie Jurassic Park won Academy Awards for visual effects and sound effects. Therefore, it is only fitting that the high quality of audiovisual effects be replicated in the online slot game to do it justice. Using the latest in 3D technology and cutting edge web technology, Microgaming has come up with a magnificent depiction of the Jurassic Park world. The setting is the middle of a jungle, which looks so realistic you can see the leaves swaying gently in the breeze.

The dinosaurs are a joy to behold since they look so impressively realistic. The Tyrannosaurus Rex, for example, moves with such clarity and fluidity by virtue of the advanced animation technology employed. The layering of the graphics is also worth noting, proving to be the perfect accompaniment to the animation.

Of course, when it comes to sound, realism is also achieved. Add the soundtrack from the film, and you’re in for a treat!


Winning in the Jurassic Park slot game can be done in 243 ways, from the Base Game to the Free Spin or Bonus rounds. Left to right symbol combinations already win awards, but players can also multiply their winnings in a number of ways. Wins with the Scatter symbol, which pays in any position, are multiplied by the total bet placed by the player.

Players start off with the Base Game, where they will immediately encounter the all-star cast from the movie as the Symbols on the Reels. Randomly, the T-Rex Alert Mode will pop up. Instead of running away – as they did in the movie – you’d want to be “friends” with the T-Rex since it can increase your winnings by adding 35 Wilds, resulting to 6 paid spins.

Having 3, 4, or 5 Scatter symbols at a time will randomly trigger any of the 5 Bonus rounds, which are named after 5 dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, and Dilophosaurus. 12 free spins will be awarded to players in each of these bonus rounds, while they can also take advantage of other features, depending on what Bonus round it is. For instance, if they get the Velociraptor bonus, they will also be awarded with Split Wilds, which can result in a 6-of-a-kind win, or Multiplier Wilds, which awards multipliers of 4x, 5x, or 6x randomly.

Unfortunately, players do not have a say in the selection of which Bonus round will appear. But that’s no longer going to be a problem after the Free Spin Bonus feature has been activated 25 times. Except for the Brachiosaurus bonus – which awards Mysterious Multipliers – the free spins bonus features cannot be reactivated once they have already been triggered during a game.


The Jurassic Park™ online slot game is certainly for everyone, from the long-time fans of the movie franchise to those who aren’t fans, or even those haven’t even heard of the movie (which is highly unlikely). A blend of movie clips, graphics, animation, fascinating gameplay and generous awards, Jurassic Park is going to be one online slot game you’d want to keep on playing over and over.

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