Hit The Jackpot In Bust The Bank!

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Bust the Bank is a bank robbery themed, casino style video slot game new to the well-known Microgaming portfolio. An exciting experience for beginners and expert video slot players alike, Bust the Bank is a 5 Reel video slot game with 243 different winning combinations, featuring Scatter pays, Wild symbols and multiple on screen bonuses.

Bust the BankMaster thieves Larry and Bob are illustrated in fun, colorful graphics on a sharp 16:9 Widescreen ratio. Watch as the bank robbers navigate an exciting world of explosions and ticking time bombs, jack pots ripe for the taking and the many angry police officers and guard dogs that protect them. Snag a bag of money from an armored car, or head straight to the bank and go after the mother lode, signified by the enormous Piggy Bank symbol. No matter what you decide in Bust the Bank, you are guaranteed the ride of a lifetime. Make a wrong spin, and you will find Larry and Bob sprinting across screen with a hungry guard dog hot on their heels.

Bust the Bank2Multiple Scatters will trigger up to 8 Free Spins on several Wild Reels, not to mention a host of randomized on screen bonuses. Along with the comedic characters and brilliant colors, Bust the Bank is a slot game players will find themselves coming back to time and time again.

There is no telling what will happen next when you are playing Bust the Bank, but keep spinning for the Piggy Bank symbol until you, Larry and Bob can make off with the jackpot!